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Stop Allowing Your Negative Outlook To Sabotage Your Life And Career

I have seen it repeatedly; people allowing their negative outlook on life to sabotage their lives and careers. When you allow a negative frame of mind to dictate the outcome of your life you allow yourself to miss out on the best things in life. Also, by having a negative outlook can destroy close relationships which in turn can sabotage your career advancement opportunities. Here are some key points that may prevent you from throwing your career away by not allowing your negativity to destroy or sabotage your life and/or career.

Don’t let your negativity make you feel as if you are inferior to your working associates. Never put yourself down. Never think that you got your position due to being lucky. Never think that you are way out of your league when going up against your competition. Always know that people are people and nothing more. All people put their pants on one leg at a time. Always know that if it is possible for someone else that it is possible for you to. Never allow anyone to own the definition of who you are; only you know that.

There are things that you will want to take away from what I just shared with you. Treat these different scenarios as stepping stones of higher consciousness to learn something new. Despite everything, you have probably contributed many things to your fellow co-worker’s ideas and/or projects that someone else wouldn’t have been able to come up with. So, learn to pat yourself on the back and learn to love yourself.

You will want to avoid assembling with the negative entities that you presently toil with from day to day. Let your negative coworkers stew in their own misery. Stay as far away from them as possible. And always remember that pain is inevitable but being miserable is a choice. Studies conducted have found that witnessing insolence in the morning can disrupt and/or sabotage the rest of the day. Know that, you don’t have to let this sort of thing happen in the first place.

Now, it comes a time when you have to let your coworkers deal with their own sentiments in their own way. Make it a point to steer clear of other peoples’ negativity. You must learn to stop adopting other peoples’ problems. Lets’ face it, we all have problems, but we don’t have to overload our plate with additional problems that don’t have any positive bearing on our lives whatsoever. Never bite off more than you can chew. You will be better off for doing so.

If you want to change your negative outlook on life to positive you will want to learn to count your blessings and remember all that you have to be thankful for. Being truly grateful and thankful for living in such a great country as the United States is truly a blessing in itself. And always know that when you think you have it bad, someone else has got it worse. So, get positive and stay positive!

If you would like to learn more about improving yourself and building a positive attitude you may want to pick up my new books “The Manufacturing Of A Dream” or Eluding The Toxic Enemy Within” at Both books are a good read and will help anyone that is looking to improve themself

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Social Skills That Will Help You Become Accepted And Admired

It is everyone’s true desire to be accepted and admired. Being accepted and Admired is entirely up to you. All it takes is the ability to pick up a few significant social skills that help build emotional awareness. There are some noteworthy social skills that can be learned quite quickly.

Below is a list of several ways you can become more accepted and admired and become the most likable person in the room.

1. When first meeting someone for the first time you will want to make eye contact. This may sound like a simple thing to do but so many fail miserably at doing it. This remains one of the most impactful mistakes a person can make when conversing with someone. When you are able to look a person in the eyes it shows that you are full of confidence and poised. You will want to implement this skill immediately. Just know that it requires no training or special talent. It just takes the commitment to look a person in the eyes while conversing with them.

2. After looking the person in the eyes you want to give them a firm handshake. You don’t want to crush their hand, but you want them to know that you are a person of substance. You don’t want to want to wimp out by shaking hands with a limp and feeble handshake. Research shows that people decide whether or not they like you within several seconds of meeting you. A firm handshake contributes largely to that first impression, as does a strong carriage and confident body language.

3. Hey, don’t forget to give the other person that bright warm smile along with the first two skills I just covered. It is OK to laugh and tell jokes for the most part. Most people unconsciously mirror the people they are communicating with. If you want to be accepted and admired, try using positive body language. What you put out is usually what you get back in return.

4. Rule of thumb; cut your cell phone off and put it away. There is nothing ruder than a person constantly looking down at their cell phone while you are trying to converse with them. It would be to your best interest to keep your phone put away until after your meeting is over. For those that don’t know, that’s just plain common courtesy. Once again, this requires no training or special talent to do.

5. If you want to gain positive points with the person that you are conversing with, you will want to call them by name. Everyone wants to go where everyone knows their name. If nothing else, you may want to write this one down and don’t forget it. So, the next time when someone uses your name or uses your name during a conversation, think back and remember just how good it felt when they did it. Now, if you have trouble remembering peoples names you might want to use a trick I use when first meeting people. I try to write their name down on something and I try to use their name as many times as I can when I first meet them. This helps me remember their name right away.

6. Finally, you want to actively listen to the person you are conversing with. Simply hearing words doesn’t make the grade. People that want to be accepted and admired should learn the forgotten art of listening. Most people are thinking about what they are going to say before the other person has finished speaking. This is why people cut off a person while they are talking. By you doing such a thing shows that you are very disrespectful and unconcerned with what the other person is saying.

Active listening consists of several steps: The first step would be hearing the person you are conversing with. The second step to listening would be to interpret what the other person is saying without interrupting them. The third step would be evaluating what was said by the other person. The last step would be waiting for the right time to respond to what the other person has said.

Now you are armed with the vital information that the pros are armed with. These skills are learnable and coachable. It does not take a brain scientist to follow any of these steps mentioned in this article but the willingness to execute them.

If you would like to find out more about who you are and what is holding you back in life, I have put it all in simple terms for anyone to follow. You can pick up my book “The manufacturing Of A Dream” at This book has changed the lives of many people, why not yours! Pick up a copy today.

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Why 8 Percent Of Sales People Get 80 Percent Of The Sales

I am about to share with you some information that most people don’t know about or don’t quite understand. Take it from me, sometimes you have to take a step back from your business or you are prone to miss simple solutions that can help explode your business exponentially. Many times, you can overlook situations that are so plainly obvious, once you are aware of them, and in other cases, they are among some of the best-kept secrets on the planet if you are not aware of them.

For example, did you know that only 2 percent of sales occur at the first sales call? People in business often hope and expect to do business the first time they meet a prospect. Many studies reveal that only 2 percent of sales occur when two sales partakers meet for the first time.

The 2 percent that does buy at the first meeting tend to be people that have researched the product and/or looked into the subject matter, and already know what they are looking for. If they meet someone that pushes all the right buy buttons and they come across well with the buying party, then business may be conducted and a close to the sale may take place. Now, this type of transaction is far from the norm. The other 98 percent of possible prospects would have to get to know you, like you, and trust you before they do business with you.

Now, for any novice sales person who believes they can go straight into a sales situation armed with amateur sales closes and close sales has been rudely misinformed. Professional salespeople get to know their prospects and try to understand their wants, needs, and desires. They build relationships and trust by engaging in on-going dialogue. Professional salespeople also follow up with their prospects. They don’t just peddle their products and services; they truly care about the people they are tending to.

There can be multiple reasons why people who could profit from your service, product, or knowledge do not buy. Many times the prospect has no reason not to buy whatsoever. The time could’ve been right, the price could’ve been right, the place could’ve, and your delivery could’ve been right, but the prospect still does not budge. Yea! This happens more times than not. The reality of it all is, sometimes the prospect is motivated to do business and somethings the prospect is not. Don’t try to make sense of it. You must become aware of this fact and understand the importance of following up. I have personally made sales calls years later with a prospect and closed the sale. Here is the kicker! The prospect called me. By you keeping in touch with the prospect it shows that you actually care about the prospect. You don’t come across as a hit and run salesperson.

I can’t tell you how many times that I have shown interest in a service or product and never heard back from the sales representative or company ever again. This sort of thing happens all the time without reason. There is research that shows that 20 percent of all sales leads are followed up on. That means that 80 percent of good potential leads never get a follow-up call or visit. Salespeople and their companies who don’t follow up and do nothing to build relationships and trust cannot and will not succeed in these tough economic times. Prospects nowadays are wanting to be sure they are making an informed decision before they commit to a purchase.

I have come to the realization that persistence pays off. There have been numerous studies conducted over the years that show the 80 percent of non-routine sales occur only after five follow-ups. Think about that for a second. It takes at least five continuous follow-up attempts after the initial sales contact before a customer says yes. That’s Right! Five Times!

There are some fascinating statistics on this subject:

1. 44 percent of salespeople give up after one “no’s.”
2. 22 percent of salespeople give up after two “no’s.”
3. 14 percent of salespeople give up after three “no’s.”
4. 12 percent of salespeople give up after four “no’s.”

That tells you that 92 percent of salespeople give up after 4 “no’s, and only 8 percent of salespeople ask for the order a fifth time. When you consider that 80 percent of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes.” This means that 8 percent of sale people are getting 80 percent of the sales.

You will want to implement the five “no’s” follow-up strategy immediately!

Now that you are aware of these statistics this should stack the odds in your favor by conforming to a five “no’s” strategy, where you maintain contact with prospects until each one of them has said “no” at least five times. Every time you are in contact you have an opportunity to advance and build your relationship with them.

Keep in mind, businesses that practice the 5 “no’s approach will enjoy higher conversion rates than their competitors who don’t practice the 5 “no’s” approach.

Also, be mindful that 63 percent of people that request information on your company or products will not purchase anything from you for at least 3 months and 20 percent will take more than 12 months to buy. So, now you know how important it is to follow-up with your prospective and existing customers every 3 months or sooner. By doing this builds trust and professionalism and keeps you on top of your game. The main idea after your initial contact with your prospective and existing customers is not to call for orders, payments, and/or make appointments; it would be to build trust and rapport with them.

This simple approach could be key to your survival in these troublesome economic times. You now know what most people don’t know. It is up to you implement this approach and prosper.

If you found this article interesting you may want to pick up my new book “Eluding The Toxic Enemy Within” at Everything you want to know about getting ahead in life are within its’ pages

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Procrastination Wastes Hours Of Your Time

If you are not careful procrastination can waste hours of your time every day. Technically a one-hour task could take you several hours if you procrastinate. When pertaining to academics, procrastination turns into cramming when it’s time to study for an exam. We all should know that this type of studying reduces the chance of you retaining the information for any amount of time. If you find yourself procrastinating repeatedly you may want to take to heart this vital information I am about to share with you.

There are several rules of thumb that I followed when I was confronting my procrastination issues. Here are a few of them that seemed to work for me and hopefully they will work for you to.

1. If you are feeling sluggish and you feel that this is contributing to you procrastinating, you may want to redirect your focus to sleeping better. Sleep is the brain’s way of healing and refueling. Just like when you are hungry, it is hard to focus. With good sleep you will be able to retain information much better. Good sleep is vital to optimum health. Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep helps you in every area of your life.

2. Did you know that eating a good meal can make all the difference in the world when it is tied to procrastination. A good meal is important when you need to concentrate and focus on vigorous tasks. We all have been told many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast is one of the best meals you can give yourself to help focus on concentrating in the morning or the afternoon.

3. If you take action right away you will find that your life becomes much easier and less stressful. Focusing is much more difficult when you are stressed. By take action right away, will make you stand out from the crowd. You will become the go to person to get things done. You will also notice that you get more accomplished in a shorter period than you ever have in your entire life.

4. When I was confronting my procrastination habit I would partner up with people that weren’t procrastinators. It is hard to self-motivate yourself when you are the only one responsible for any particular task. With a partner that is a not a procrastinator it puts you in a dilemma to take action or look like a washout. Having a partner helps motivate you to keep your commitments rather than put them off until a later time.

5. You may want to set a timeline for completion for whatever tasks you want to complete. This forces you to be accountable for the task to be completed by that set time-line. By setting time-lines for yourself, you reserve spots throughout your day to complete those pre-selected tasks.

6. Unrealistic goals prove to cause more procrastination, because in your subconscious you know that you can’t accomplish them. You may want to break down your goals into smaller parts and finish each section on a set time-line.

These are rules that I continuously apply to my everyday life that truly work. The trick to all of this is to implement all of these rules into your life and see them through to completion.

So many of us procrastinate every day. I wrote a book for anyone that wants to understand why they procrastinate and put things off. You can pick up a copy “Eluding The Toxic Enemy Within” at or just drop by to say hello.

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The Importance Of Physical Security Throughout The World

For years the need for physical security has grown immensely without an end of growth in sight. Independent property owners, as well as multi-story business building complex owners, are now understanding the need for this once frowned upon profession. Property owners now understand that police response time can be critical if a hostile event were to occur at the immediate location of their property. Physical security professionals on site can prevent a menial event escalating into a hostile event; just by their mere presence can deter most on-site happenings.

Physical security is no longer a laughing matter. Even the stock market has their eyes on the physical security market. The physical security market is expected to grow from USD 69.63 Billion in 2016 to USD 112.43 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2016 and 2021. This is huge!

Homeowners and business owners alike are sensing the need for physical protection systems. Many property owners are beginning to understand the need for multiple layers of defense to protect them from intruders gaining direct access to their homes, businesses, and other vital resources. Invasion detection systems are practical controls that are vital because they detect a break-in and/or invasion. Detection systems are a must because they notify security professionals of a security event taking place immediately.

When it comes to information security, physical security is usually not thought of much or at all. Many people don’t have the slightest notion that physical security has technical and administrative elements affiliated with it. Physical security is often ignored due to organizations placing priorities on technology adapted to security countermeasures to impede hacking attacks. Most organizations don’t have the understanding that hacking into network systems is not the only way that sensitive information can be stolen or used against a person, business, or organization. Physical security must be employed correctly to prevent attackers from gaining physical access to your home, businesses, or organizations, and taking whatever it is they can salvage after gaining access. Online deterrents like firewalls, cryptography, and other security methods would be of no use if that were to occur. What most businesses and organizations are faced with in this present day would be stolen USB drives, tablets, laptops, flash drives, and smartphones. These devices all have the ability to store sensitive information that can be lost or stolen. People, businesses, and organizations are faced with the challenges of safeguarding information, equipment, people, facilities, systems, and other company assets. People, businesses, and organizations can face civil or criminal penalties due to negligence for not adapting and having proper security controls in place.

The main objective of physical security is to safeguard property, information, personnel, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities, and all other vital assets. There must be multi-layered security measures in place to help safeguard all of the elements just mentioned. Let’s face it; it is much harder for an attacker to reach their objective when multiple layers of security have to be bypassed to access a resource. What are you waiting for? Take action now before it’s too late!

If you would like for me to come speak on the subject of security you may contact me through

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The Major Differences Between Wishers And Achievers

Greetings and Salutations. I had to let my gratefulness show. There is something about achievers that I want to share with you. First of all, achievers seem to have a positive ambitious attitude most of the time. Achievers are successful due to getting after their dreams on a continuous basis. No matter what they are confronted with they are willing to put both feet forward and pay the price to be successful.

Wishers, on the other hand, have no plan of action and no yearning for accomplishment in their lives. They believe that luck is the driving force of the universe and that genies grant wishes for you when summoned. Does this sound like anyone you know? I’m sure it does. For there are millions upon millions of people that fit this profile. These types of people wonder aimlessly day to day and never give it a second thought why their lives are empty and lacking much merit and distinction.

Here is my short list of the major difference between Wishers and Achievers.

1. Wishers are good at making excuses. They mean well but never seem to get anything accomplished. Achievers pride themselves on following through to the end. Coming up short is not an option.

2. Wishers are people that complain about change. Conversely, achievers welcome change. They don’t get caught up in the whining game because of an unexpected curve in the road. Achievers accept change with an expectant outlook.

3. Wishers are people you see at the mall with their face pressed against the store window of a clothing store uttering the uncertain familiar phrase “I wish I had that.” Achievers set goals and make arrangements to obtain whatever it is they want. Achievers take action and make it a point not to sit stagnant for too long. Wishers sit crippled caused by fear and anxiety. They lack the resilience to press forward. Wishers always wait until the time is right, which may never come. Achievers have a completely different outlook when it comes to making things happen. They say, “when will it ever be the right time if not first you take the time to make some time?” I would have to agree with that axiom 100%.

4. Wishers are always looking for the easy way out. They want something for nothing, but we all know that something from nothing leaves nothing. What wishers need to understand is that their rewards in life are in direct proportion to the service they provide. To put it simply, if you do nothing, expect nothing in return. Achievers exceed what is expected of them. They always do more than the minimal amount requested. Achievers aren’t satisfied until they have achieved the inconceivable. Achievers set expectations higher for themselves than wishers do for themselves.

5. Wishers never commit to anything. They want to stand around and talk about everyone negatively. They whine and complain about everything. What they don’t know is, if they are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Instead of standing around and complaining about everything, why don’t they pull up their sleeves and help out. They would find that it is much more rewarding and satisfying than doing nothing at all. Achievers commit fully to everything they get involved in. Achievers expect a return as a result of their commitment to the cause. When other people witness commitment they, in turn, want to commit themselves. People are drawn to achievers, like moths to a flame due to the energy and excitement radiating from them.

6. Wishers flounder in their own self-pity and blame their powerlessness on everyone but themselves, not realizing that no matter what happens in your life may it be good or bad is a direct result of something they did, did not do, should have done, or shouldn’t have done. Wishers need to start taking responsibility for the bad things that happen in their lives as well as the good things that happen in their lives. Wishers use excuses to justify their existence. Achievers, on the other hand, don’t entertain excuses; they look for solutions to any problem or difficulty they may encounter and in many cases, they uncover creative solutions that no one else had ever fathomed. Achievers search methodically to overcome all obstacles they are confronted with.

7. Wishers waste massive amounts of energy spreading gossip of things they really know nothing about. If there is nothing to gossip about they go out on a limb to make up something to gossip about. Wishers are paranoid and think the entire world is conspiring against them. Wishers are small minded people. They see their way of thinking as the only way of thinking. Achievers refrain from listening to gossip. Achievers also refrain from making up gossip and spreading it. Achievers guard their minds and mouths like it is nobody’s business. Gossip is a true time waster. Warning! To all wishers out there; if you and your crew are gossiping about everyone you come in contact with, you may want to check yourself. In most cases, your so-called crew is talking about you behind your back as well.

8. Wishers are prone to being tired and sick due to wasting all their energy on needless and inessential things. Achievers are insusceptible to exhaustion. Achievers love what they do and would do it for no amount of money if offered to them.

9. Wishers are cowards deep down inside. Instead of standing up for something they believe in they pass the buck to avoid showing the world just how weak they really are. Achievers are courageous people. They go straight to the source of any problem they may be faced with. The things achievers do commands attention. Achievers don’t sit around and do nothing. They don’t wait; they initiate.

I want to thank you for following me. I hope that you find life-changing information in this article. May you and your loved ones have a wonderful day or evening.

If you found this article informative you may want to come to my website and pick up one of my latest books “Eluding The Toxic Enemy Within.” this book is very empowering.

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Several Reasons Why You Are Always Broke

There are several reasons why people are broke. Here is my short list of reasons why people are broke and will continuously be broke. Your attitude towards money began when you were a child. You had great instructors and in most cases, they were your parents. Remember the axiom “from the root to the fruit?” Usually the fruit does not fall far from the tree, meaning that you are usually a product of your parents thinking. Sound Familiar?

Instead of waiting for your fate to magically change. You may want to take a serious look at all the things you are doing that may be contributing to your financial despondencies. That’s right. Everything may actually be your own doing. Here are several known motives why people find themselves broke. You may recognize a few of them. If you follow some of the advice I am about to share with you, in time you will be able to dig yourself out of the hole you dug for yourself.

Many people have crutches that hold them back in life. Some people smoke, drink, eat tons of fast food and don’t run unless they are being chased by a rabid dog. So maybe your health is not so great, but at least you are having a great time. Chances are, your finances aren’t in good shape either. In most cases, bad habits are a big financial drain on your pocket book and there is nothing great about that at all. As a matter of fact, most people that I have come in contact with have many crutches they are depended upon. No one wants to admit they are suffering from multiple addictions. One thing that I am cognizant of is that if people can give up their personal crutches and extinguish their bad habits they can amass large amounts of money in short periods of time.

Just think about it for a second, a pack of cigarettes costs $8.00 on average and that comes out close to $2,900 a year on a pack-a-day smoking habit. Now, as for alcohol, even restrained drinking can add up. Just think of it, two glasses of wine a day can run you over $1,500 a year, and that calculation is based on consuming the cheap stuff at home. If you are a bar drinker and you prefer Bordeaux, you are paying a whole lot more. Wow! And you complain that you don’t have money to go anywhere. I wonder why.

Another reason why people go broke would be that they try so desperately to keep up with the Joneses and don’t realize in most cases that the Joneses are living a lie. Just because someone is driving a new car or is wearing an expensive gold watch doesn’t mean that they are high rollers. Many people are living off credit cards. 70% of the people in the United States are living well over their head. The IRS states that only 5% of the American people are financially independent. That means that 95% of the American people are faking it. You should never try to live a lifestyle you cannot afford.

Instead of purchasing a new vehicle you might want to check out other options like purchasing a used vehicle in excellent condition. No one will know if it is a new vehicle or not, unless you tell them. The raw reality of it all would be that no one truly cares about you anyway. Lets’ put my theory to the test. I want you to go outside every day for a month and ask everyone that you know or passes by to help you pay off your mortgage and vehicle loan. At the end of the month I want you to count the small change you have collected. You will find out what I already know. You will be no closer to paying of your home or vehicle or anything else for that matter. You may have enough to purchase a couple cheese burgers at the golden arches. Now, if you are trying to purchase a home, you may want to put down 20% and keep your monthly payment below 30% of your gross income. The golden rule when purchasing a home would be to own the home and not allow the home to own you. Don’t become a prisoner of your home due to trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Do you have more month at the end of your paycheck? Are you taking care of an entourage that is not taking care of you? It is time for you to take a good look at the people you surround yourself with. Are you hanging around the wrong crowd? Didn’t your mother use to tell you about hanging around the wrong crowd? I know my mother did. She use to tell me repeatedly “birds of a feather flock together” and she was right. I learned the hard way by hanging with the wrong people and yes, it did lead to trouble. The funny thing about what my mother told me back then still applies to me today. You have to be very careful of the people you surround yourself with. Everyone does not wish you well. You have gold-diggers, leeches, and other parasites out there that will latch on to you and strip your wallet or purse clean without leaving prints. They will come around empty handed and help you drink up, eat up, and spend up your money until it is all gone and once everything is gone, you will find no trace of them until the next time they sense you have something they want or need. They never seem to come around when they have money. Anytime you seen them, they have a tall tale to tell.

You have to make a list and check it twice, for you have to find out who’s been naughty or nice. You must shun the parasites in your life. There comes a time in everyone’s life to where they have to become cognizant of where they stand. They must take out the trash and know that they will be better off for doing so. You must become disciplined if you stand any chance of negating any bad habits you formed while surrounding yourself by the wrong crowd. Let me be the first to tell you. It will not be an easy road to follow, but it is surely probable.

I know that many people dread hearing about watching TV too much, but if you are watching TV too much you may want to pay close attention to this segment of this article. I get it, there is nothing like coming home from work and kicking off your shoes, getting comfortable on the couch, and cutting on the TV. But if you are falling behind on your financial obligations you may want to re-evaluate your comfort commitments with your TV set and make some major changes to your life-style obligations. Research found that 77% of those struggling financially spent more than an hour watching TV and 74% spent more than an hour surfing the internet for fun. Conversely, the majority of wealthy individuals spend their time engaging in self-development activities, getting involved in alterative income producing endeavors, and/or follow paths of their dreams that could very well lead to hefty financial rewards.

Whatever you do, don’t let laziness, uncertainty, or fear keep you from reaching for the stars. Taking baby steps is better than not taking any steps at all when it comes to producing an alternative stream of income. If you have a spare room in your home, you may want to entertain the possibility of renting that room out to make ends meet.

I am sure your parents badgered you about how important it was to get an education. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but they are right. I found out from experience long ago that your income can’t surpass your knowledge. Oops! I let the cat out the bag. Lets’ compare life time earnings between a typical high school graduate and a typical college graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I am sure you will agree that the statistics are bewildering. Over a 40-year career, a worker with a bachelor’s will earn $1 million more than a worker with just a public high school diploma. This is not a misprint. $2.42 million versus $1.37 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau projections. If you have a master’s degree, it bumps you up to $2.80 million. That is one world of a difference, wouldn’t you agree!

Please keep in mind that going back to school does not guarantee a bigger paycheck, but it sure does not hurt to do so. If you do decide to go back to school, you will want to be cognizant of how much student loan debt you amass. A good practice that you will want to follow would be controlling the student loan amount borrowed. You will not want to borrow any more than you expect to earn in your first year of work.

There are several other reasons why you are always broke but I did mention that this was my short list. Just know that it is possible to turn it all around if you put your mind, heart, and soul into it.

If you would like to learn more about not becoming broke you may want to pick up my latest book “The Essential Keys To Financial Freedom.” at What are you waiting for? Do it today!

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Avoid The Next Financial Storm That Will Affect Most American People Very Soon

My greatest fear along with most Americans would be if we will outlive our money during retirement or if we will have enough money to retire on at all. As long as our government lives on separate terms than the people they govern I foresee millions of Americans suffering from financial strife later on down the road. Most Americans truly think that Social Security is going to be enough to get them through their twilight years. I personally think that Social Security will not be around from most of us and if you are depending on Social Security to support you during your twilight years, you will find out that it will not be enough. Social Security was only created to subsidize your investments, retirement plans, and/or savings. It was not created to act as a retirement plan.

Since I have had the luxury of being affiliated with the banking industry for over 30 years now I have seen thousands of saving accounts of senior citizens that had less than $10,000 in them. I spoke in Northern California back in 2004 where I mentioned that the many jobs that kids and young teenagers use to occupy would no longer exist due to senior citizens not having the money to retire. I was laughed off the stage by 6000 people. Who’s laughing now!. There are no longer paperboy jobs for kids due to the senior citizens now occupying those jobs. I also stated that most of the fast food jobs along with Walgreens and CVS jobs would no longer be occupied by high school teens and they would be replaced by senior citizens, just take a look around and tell me it is not happening right in front of your eyes. People are no longer laughing. I also told people at that seminar that I foresee tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people homeless in the next 10 to 20 years.

You might want to take notice of thousands of people taking up residence under freeway ramps all over the nation. They are living in tents and bathing in fast food restaurants bathrooms. This is happening in the greatest nation on earth. You can keep looking the other way but very soon you will not have any other place to look. If the government does not do something very soon, all that you know will come to an abrupt end.

I wrote “The Essential Keys To Financial Freedom” book to educate the American people of their many financial options that still exist today. If the American people sit around and do nothing they will end up in financial distress in the next 10 to 20 years. You must sit down with a financial advisor as soon as possible before it is too late. For More information; visit me at:

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Making Money Now Could Not Be Any Easier Than Right Now

There could be no better time in history to generate optimal income for you and your family than right now. Just think of it, you can be homeless right now and within two years you can be making the income that most people only dream about making.

Most people state that you have to wait for the right time and to be in the right place to make things happen. I would have to admit this statement is true. First of all, you are in the right place. You are in the United States of America. For all of you that have forgotten where you subside, the United States of America is the land of opportunity, with that being said, the (Time) factor would be in your favor. So what are you waiting for? When will it ever be the right time if not first you take the time to make some time?

Did you know that (Time) is the number one commodity in the world? There is nothing more precious than (Time) itself. Everything can be replaced but (Time). Once (Time) elapses it can never be replaced. You can replace your vehicle, your house, your shoes, your insurance policy, but you cannot replace the (Time) you have squandered away.

Most people truly think that working for someone else will bring you wealth and happiness. Well, tell me! Are you wealthy and happy right now? Why are you reading this article if you are! Most people I have spoken to have been mentally conditioned to think that they make more money than their boss or company. They think that their measly paycheck supersedes their boss’s paycheck and that they are more secure working for someone else than working for themselves.

The only thing that is stopping most people from living the life they have always dreamed of is FEAR! That’s right! FEAR! If you want to be more and amount to more you must become more than a mere instrument for an employer to use up and toss away when they have no more use for you. Hey! Most employers don’t even give you a gold watch before they kick you to the curb nowadays. You’re lucky if you get a face to face dismissal. I have helped thousands find a way out of their present way of life and begin to live the way God intended you to live.

You can find the keys to being happy, and live in abundance with more time to do the things you truly enjoy doing by stopping by and picking up some of my internationally acclaimed books that will help you become a better informed YOU! Knowledge is the key to everything. I want to thank you for taking the first step at changing your life.

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Being Promoted On Your Job Can Be As Easy As Counting To Five

Thanks for stopping by to absorb some informed information that I have put together for everyone that is interested in moving up in their organization. Many people have told me that they feel that they should be promoted at their job because they want it to happen. First of all, there are universal laws that have to be addressed before anything positive can happen for you or anyone else for that matter. When trying to obtain something of value it has nothing to do with what you want, but more with what you deserve. People have told me that they feel they should get a raise because they have worked at their position for many years. Here is what I want to share with anyone that is interested in being successful in their career.

There are five major area’s in the working realm that must be addressed consistently day in and day out without fail. If you are ready to find out what these five areas are then buckle up and prepare to be transported to an alternate paradigm than you presently occupy that this present time.

Five Principles of Advancement:

1. Did you know that a positive attitude can change the way you feel about yourself and about the world you live in? A positive attitude can also change the way about how others perceive you. If others perceive you as a positive person you can bet your last dollar that when it comes time promotion time you name will be one of the first that is mentioned.
2. Have you ever heard the axiom that goes something like this “You never get a second chance for a first impression?” No truer words have been spoken. Your appearance and mannerisms tell people much about who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. It also tells everyone you come in contact with that you care about yourself. 95% of the people occupying the employment world fail miserably in these areas.
3. Number 3 would have to be one of the most important laws and/or principles known to man. Most people don’t give attendance a second thought whatsoever. They habitually come in late for work, come back from lunch late, and want to be the first one out of the door. They see nothing wrong with this type of behavior. They are the first ones to call off sick at a moments notice when they are not truly sick, so when the time comes when they need a sick day they don’t have any left to use and want you to feel sorry for them because they feel the world is out to get them and they are being treated unfairly.

4. Customer Service is something that everyone should be cognizant of if they are to tip the scales in their favor. I have personally seen employees who have mastered customer service get rewarded with promotions to upper management and beyond. It sounds like customer service is a combination of the first three.
5. Here is the kicker! None of these will work if you are not congruent. You must take pride within yourself and understand these laws and principles for them to work for you and know that the rewards you receive in life are in proportion to the service you provide.

If you would like to know more about being more than you are now, pick up my new book “Eluding The Toxic Enemy Within” at

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