You Can’t Lead By Following

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when entering into the leadership realm would be that they do not know the characteristics of being a leader. There are several characteristics that are associated with being a successful leader. It is vital that you recalibrate your mindset from being a follower to becoming a leader.

First, you must be mentally ready to take the bull by the horns. There is nothing worse than a person reporting to a leadership position that has no backbone or leadership skills whatsoever. In most cases, this type of person can cause more problems than what it’s worth. It is imperative that you gather your troops and let people know what your role is and assure them that you’re there to build and not to attenuate the business continuity that is presently in place.

Next, you will want to share your vision of how you and your team will be working together to accomplish goals that you have selected for your team to complete. I have personally found that by inspiring, motivating and encouraging your team brings out the best in them. It is always good to portray a positive attitude at all times.

Another trait that a good leader exhibits is self-confidence. There is nothing quite like working with someone that has control and direction in their life. It can become contagious if you’re not careful. Showing control and not losing your head when confronted by a stressful situation gains approbation amongst your peers. You never want anyone to see you sweat. Calm, cool, and collected is the way to lead, nothing else will suffice.

Being goal oriented doesn’t hurt either. You never want to come across to anyone as if you’re shooting from the hip. You should write down what you want to do and make plans to carrying out those goals to the letter. If you lead, your crew will follow. You must come across as if you are in charge and that you are there to help in any way possible. If you’re not building your team up, you are tearing your team down.

Finally, you will want to supply your team with the tools and the means to be successful. There is nothing worse than your team starting a project without the proper tools needed to accomplish their task. This is a good way to lose your credibility with your team, so don’t do it. Know that leadership is more than a larger paycheck, it is a way of life once you have learned the ins and outs to this precious craft.

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