How To Become A Network Champion

Did you know that becoming a network champion is an art that anyone can master? That’s right! Anyone can master the art of Networking. Armed with a few simple tools you can become the talk of the town.

One of the first mistakes that most people make would be to talk too much about themselves. Your main emphasis should be on the people you are corresponding with. The trick is not to come across as self-absorbed and/or arrogant, but show interest in the other person. You may want to focus your attention on how you make the other person feel. If you can make the other person feel good about who they are you may have made a first impression that could possibly last a life time. Never lose sight that you never get a second chance for a first impression.

If you want to explode your networking audience, you will want to expand your contact with people outside of your present Networking circle. Most net-workers make the mistake of only corresponding with people they know and are unwilling to expand their horizons and venture outside of their present circle of influence. If you want to grow your networking circle you must grow. This is the golden rule of networking. Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!

You will want to stop using a friend as a crutch when attending Networking events. I get it! Sometimes it takes the edge off having a friend come along with you when attending a Networking event, but you will want to avoid being joined at the hip of that individual the entire time you are attending the Networking event. It’s OK to venture out of your comfort zone and meet new and exciting people. I was told most of my life that “a stranger is a best friend you have not met yet.” I have found that saying to be quite true. Never forget, Networking is never a waste of time, if you don’t squander the opportunities that present themselves.

Becoming a Network champion takes a positive attitude all the time. I repeat, all the time. You should never be caught talking negatively about anyone. This is a poor reflection of who you are. It is almost impossible to come back from this type of classification and/or behavior. The last thing you want to do is make a fool of yourself in front of an affluent influential person. You never know, you may need that persons help later on down the road, so it is very important that you treat everyone you come in contact with respect and admiration.

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